Professional Towing Services in Riverside

Batmen Towing offers its towing services to private individuals and all types of businesses like engine shops, auto service centers, transmission shops and car dealers. Our services are reliable and efficient when it comes to towing a number of vehicles on weekly or monthly basis. We offer fleet accounts with relatively great discounts and special rates to help you save more on our services, aside from the low and competitive rates that we provide.

Our commercial Riverside towing services and our personal damage-free towing services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact Batmen Towing when you catch yourself stuck in the middle of the road because your car won’t run. A team is immediately dispatched to your location to provide the roadside assistance that you need. The team sent will arrive within 45 minutes from the time we received your call. Whether you need our towing services or you need our other roadside assistance, your vehicle will be handled with proper care.

Our name has been trusted and known for the professional and efficient manner we provide the automotive towing services for the last 17 years in Riverside California. We have different equipment for different towing needs. We have courteous staff and skilled mechanics that make our company more competent. In some cases, the need for towing services is eliminated when our professional mechanics fix engine troubles on the spot. This is Batmen Towing’s definition of efficiency that you would not find elsewhere in Riverside California.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

When your car breaks down, our highly trained professional mechanics are available around-the-clock. From simple tire changes, lockouts, jump starts, fuel refills, and engine troubles, you can count on Batmen Towing team to address your roadside assistance needs and towing in Riverside California. Our drivers always carry lockout kits in case you have locked your keys inside the car and you don’t have spare keys on hand. Our team is professionally trained in handling and dealing with lock outs. The doors of your vehicle have small delicate parts that can be damaged by a person trying to “jimmy” your door. Trust only trained and skilled personnel to handle your vehicle door lockouts.

Tire changes and/or tire repairs are also done by our skilled team. You’ll be out on the road, driving in no time. For drained batteries, we have jumper boxes that are definitely safer and more efficient to use. Our dispatch team also carries three extra gallons of fuel in case you’re miles away from the nearest Riverside service station.

Whatever your roadside needs are, our certified mechanics are sure to provide you professional services that you need. Batmen Towing has a good reputation of providing fast, effective and efficient roadside automotive solutions that help you get back in the road in no time.

Private Property Impound Program / Parking Management

Our Private Property Impound Program works with you to stop illegal or inconsiderate parking in your property. Business Establishments who have constant troubles with vehicles blocking a delivery area or even a broken down car left for days. Vehicles parked in visitor or management spaces can also be removed upon your request.

Our towing services team also removes vehicles from fire lanes and red zone areas. Double parked vehicles and cars that should not be parked in disabled parking spaced qualify for our towing services. Count on Batmen Towing to provide professional towing services for you.

Batmen Towing also remove unwanted vehicles in residential areas. We handle the removal of unauthorized vehicles parked within your property. In this way, we eliminate the inconvenience that this vehicle is causing your family and guests.

Whether you are a homeowner, a manager, or a business owner, Batmen Towing will help you manage your parking area. Our services are fast, easy and hassle-free when it comes to the removal of abandoned vehicles anywhere in Riverside, California. Batmen Towing guarantees that the impoundment and removal protocols are done in strict compliance with the applicable state laws. Contact Batmen Towing Inc. today and have those unwanted vehicles removed in as fast as one, two, done!